Testing Terms and Conditions

Certification Regulations & Details

Prior to the start of any Test Session the Participant or Technician will be required to make payment of the minimum Testing Session fee.

The minimum Testing Session fee will be applied against the actual Certification Level fees.

Incremental payments may be made during any Testing Session to complete additional Certification levels.
All payments once processed are non-refundable.


Additional Regulations & Details


At the discretion of testing personnel, the following activities will result in an immediate no-pass status, and the participant will be asked to leave the facility immediately with no opportunity to re-test:

1. Abuse of any test participant or testing personnel.
2. Offensive or obscene language including racial or sexual orientation slurs.
3. Any act or threatened act which endangers the safety of others in the testing facility.
4. Tampering with repairs marked as completed.


Participants will be required to pass three (3) Dent Repair Tests of skill to obtain any Vale Certification Level. The three (3) Dent Repair tests will consist of a dent on the following three (3) panel types:

A. Steel hood or deck lid,
B. Steel door,
C. And Aluminum hood or deck lid.

Each Dent Repair Test will utilize pre-scanned and prepared panels containing dents of predefined sizes and depths according to each Certification Level.

Tools and lighting will be supplied. However, participants may choose to bring their own tools and lighting (with power converter if needed, AC power sources are supplied). All items brought to the testing facility will be subject to inspection and removal to insure prohibited items are not utilized within the testing process.

Each Testing Session will be four (4) hours in length and will not be delayed or extended under any circumstances.
Participants may complete all Certification Level tests within a single testing session.
Certification Level parameters are as follows:

1. Journeyman Certification requires the Participants to remove three (3) Quarter sized dents from each Panel Type as outlined above.
2. Craftsman requires the Participants to remove three (3) Half Dollar sized dents from each Panel Type outlined above.
3. Master Craftsman requires the Participants to remove three (3) Oversize sized dents from each Panel Type outlined above.
4. To complete all Certifications in a Single Test Session, will require the Participants to complete all nine (9) tests within the four (4) hour Test Session.

Participants can complete the Journeyman, Craftsman and Master Craftsman all in a single Test Session. Within a single test session, a participant may begin testing at the Journeyman Level. If successful, and time permitting, the participant may also test for the Craftsman Level. If successful, and time permitting, the participant may test for Master Craftsman Level.

A participant may choose to attempt the Master Craftsman level testing from the beginning. However, if the participant fails any of the Master Craftsman tests, time permitting, the participant will only be able to continue beginning at the Journeyman Level and, if successful, may test for Craftsman.

Participants with prior Vale Certifications (prior to September 1, 2020) and wish to be certified at a higher Certification Level will be credited for all prior Vale Certification Levels. To be clear, if a participant was previously Vale Certified at the Journeyman Certification Level, they may begin testing at Vale Craftsman Certification Level and, if successful and time permitting, they may test for Master Craftsman.

Participants will not be allowed to observe the judging of any other participant’s repair.

For each individual test or panel dent repair within the Test Session time, the participant may request to view up to three interim inspection scans to determine the status of the repair. A fourth scan will be considered the final scan for that particular test.

Each repaired dent will be evaluated by the Test Scanning Coordinator using our Optimap 2 Scanner, a state-of-the-art surface scanner designed to rate surface irregularities.

When any interim test scan meets the parameters of the current test the Test Scanning Coordinator will advise the Participant they have met the criteria for that particular test.

Repairs that fall outside the acceptable tolerance level for the Vale Certification will constitute failure for the assigned Certification Level.

Should the repair result in a no-pass, the participant will be allowed to view the repair image and rating on the Optimap 2 scanner.
Final dent repairs will be marked Completed on the panel when the testing is ended. Once a repaired dent is mark Completed, any Tampering of a Completed Dent will result in an immediate no-pass status, and the participant will be asked to leave the facility.

The following will result in a no-pass status:

a) High/low spots in the metal outside pre-determined tolerance level,
b) Cracking of paint or clear coat,
c) Drilling or punching holes,
d) Access to the door other than from the top,
e) Use of Glue Pullers,
f) Failing to complete repair within the allotted time,
g) And the use of sanding blocks.

Candidates may re-test for Vale Certification in any future test session subject to space availability including the same day but will be subject to the minimum Test Session Fee.

All testing decisions made by testing personnel are final.

Vale Training and its authorized testing service providers will not publicize any testing result unless authorized by the participant.

Successful participants will be awarded:

a) A Vale PDR Certification Program certificate in an embossed presentation folder,
b) An official Vale PDR Certification Program wallet sized I. D. card reflecting the level of demonstrated proficiency that includes a personalized QR code.
c) Your name and certification number will be listed on the Vale website with your permission.

PDR Certification Fees Schedule

The purpose of Testing Protocol is to outline the general testing terms and conditions that the participants must follow to be tested for the Vale PDR Certification Program. All participants will be required to sign and accept these outlined terms and conditions prior to the beginning of any testing session.