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Who is this Testing and Certification for?

PDR Testing and Certification is not here to sell you any tools, or other services. It is here to simply confirm to the industry, employers, and the consumer that if you pass our tests, you have demonstrated the actual skills and abilities to perform Paintless Dent Repair services.

If you have been providing PDR services for years but have never been certified, than this is the opportunity for you to become certified.

Maybe you attended some PDR training program offered by many in the industry who also sold you PDR Tools, this Certification will amply your skill level, and you will be highly recognized for passing this objective PDR Certification.

Most, if not all of the major PDR Trainers in the industry are Vale Certified. On many of the industry leading PDR technician search sites, Vale Certified is a critical and reliable industry Certification.

Do I need to bring my tools? 

NO. PDR TESTING provides all necessary Paintless Dent Repair hand tools, lighting, and equipment for any participant to complete any of the Vale PDR Certification Program tests at our testing locations. We provide the tools and equipment so that testing participants can travel by air or other means without the costs of transporting all the necessary tools. 

If you wish to bring your own tools, you are welcome to bring them, but we have all great tools from multiple top rated tool manufacturers.


Who administers the PDR Test? 

All PDR Testing and Certification personnel are specially trained and certified by Vale Training at Vale’s I-Car Platinum Certified facility in Arlington, Texas. 


Where can I take the Vale Certification Program Testing? 

Within the United States, PDR Testing and Certification is the only Authorized Testing Services Provider. testing. Vale PDR Certification can be done at our main testing facility in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. You can also be tested at scheduled testing events around the United States including MTE Orlando, and MTE Las Vegas.

PDR Testing and Certification also provides mobile Vale PDR Certification Program testing. If you are a part of a group of 4 or more participants to be tested, we can come to you.

If your company would like us to come to your organization and certify everyone at the same time and location, we will come to the company location.

Select our Get Vale Certified option on this website to register for all Vale PDR Certification Testing. 


All testing takes place at: 

PDR Testing and Certification
3154 S. Harrah Road 
Harrah, OK 73045 

If you wish to fly into Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to the Will Rogers International Airport, PDR Testing and Certification will arrange to pick you up from the airport and transport you tour testing facility or if you schedule to stay overnight, to our Hotel Partner where we have arranged special rates for our Testing Participants during the testing process. 


When can I take the Vale Certification Program Testing? 

In respect of your possible current employment, so you don’t need to miss any employment responsibilities, PDR Testing and Certification schedules test dates each and every weekend, Saturdays and Sundays, subject to registrations being made no later than two weeks prior to each weekend test date. There are three testing sessions per weekend day; one in the morning from 8am -12pm, one in the afternoon from 1pm – 5pm, and one evening session from 6pm – 10pm.  

You can also schedule testing  on any weekday, Monday to Friday from 8am – 6pm by registering online using our Get Vale Certified option on our website. 


If you have any question about Scheduling Testing please feel free to send us an email at or by contacting us at our toll free number (833) 427-2727 or our local Oklahoma telephone number  (405) 317-0711. 


Are there a limited number of test placements for each testing day or session? 

During each testing session, Morning, Afternoon or Evening, on the weekend, there will be 6 test positions. Specifically, 6 in the morning, 6 in the Afternoon and 6 in the Evening on both Saturday and Sunday, for a weekend total of 36 placements. You can book for both days.  If you wish to test for Journeyman on Saturday and pass you can be already be guaranteed a spot on Sunday if you wish to seek a higher Certification or you can chance it and book only the Saturday and after passing or failing you can rebook for the Sunday.  Each booking requires a $50 booking fee which will be deducted from the Certification Fee. 


When can I test for the next level? 

Candidates wishing to return for testing to upgrade their status to a higher level may do so on the next available test date at a PDR TESTING AND CERTIFICATION location. 


What levels of testing are there? 

There are three levels that are tested: Journeyman, Craftsman, and Master Craftsman 


How many levels can I test for per test date? 

You may test for any of the Certification Levels in any of the 6 weekend sessions however, only one test per calendar day.  You may only test for one level per testing session. To be clear, if you test on a Saturday for Craftsman and pass, you can test for Master Craftsman on Sunday. Or if you test for journeyman on Saturday and pass, you can test for either Craftsman or Master Craftsman on Sunday.


What types of panels will we be tested on? 

Participants will be tested on late-model domestic hoods, deck lids and doors mounted on fixed stands. Aluminum panels may be from an imported manufacturer. 


What if I fail to pass a level? 

Should any part of the testing in the Craftsman or Master Craftsman category not be completed to a satisfactory level, the candidate may apply to be passed on lower proficiency level rating, provided all the criteria of that lower level were satisfied. (Example: Candidate passes first two criteria of the Craftsman level but fails the third criteria will qualify for Journeyman status with no more testing). 

Failing one test segment, a candidate testing for Master Craftsman level may apply successful test segments to Craftsman level, and complete the test to satisfy Craftsman level criteria. You may drop down one time only. 

Should any part of the lower level of testing result in a no-pass, certification will not be awarded. Where does the testing examination take place? 


What type of certification will be presented if successfully completed? 

Successful participants will be awarded a Vale Paintless Dent Repair Certification Program Certificate signed by a Vice President of Vale Training that will be placed in a leather-bound presentation folder. Additionally, you will receive a special hologram wallet sized Vale PDR CERTIFIED ID CARD that reflects the level of demonstrated proficiency.  As part of the Vale PDR CERTIFIED ID CARD there will be a personalized QR Code that when scan by anyone with a Smartphone, will immediately take that person to a special area of our website that provides verification of your Vale Certifications, and also provides you with the ability to market yourself, your company for FREE.

Finally, your name and certification ID number will be listed on the Vale website with your permission. 


Will there be buffing? 

Each test could include buffing and PDR Testing and Certification will supply all and any necessary tools and equipment to complete any activity required for any test. 

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