ASAP is an Oklahoma based company that has successfully provided Paintless Dent Repair contracted services to locally based and leading auto body shops for the past 14 years. Additionally, we have also provided Paintless Dent Repair services for hail response operations in the state of Texas.


In the past 14 years we have successfully completed hundreds and hundreds of insurance claims for most of the major insurance companies including claims for most major vehicle manufacturers.


Today, we are building a Mobile Paintless Dent Repair Service Network, where we partner with auto body shops in the states of OK, TX, KS, MO, AR and others. When needed by the auto body shop or by customers through our website, we provide mobile PDR services at the customer’s home, office or at an authorized ASAP Network Location. ASAP does all the work, provides all of its own tools, fully guaranteed and the auto body shares in the revenue. When the repair is more that just a Paintless Dent Repair, ASAP will forward that business to its local network location.