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Automotive Hail Damage Repair.

Since 2002, Jesse Hallaran has been a Vale certified Master 3 Technician working throughout Canada, U.S.A., Europe and Australia repairing hail damaged
vehicles. By 2007, Mr. Hallaran had already repaired and administered quality control over thousands of vehicles. The experience collected served him well as he made the natural transition from hail technician to operations developer. Personally overseeing repair teams and observing industry common processes firsthand has provided valuable insight as to method improvement and industry development.

The same determination that was utilized to achieve the status of Master Technician was directed into the creation and development of newer cost-effective, efficient procedures and the objective of providing the finest automotive hail-repair management system available. Mr. Hallaran knew that his innovations would require the hire of equally impressive people. He sought individuals with the skill and personality traits to positively impact the industry as he had envisioned. In 2010 the right people, procedures and system were formed to create the company that is National Storm Solutions.