We have decided to hold Certification Testing in Austin at the Comfort Suites Hotel at the Austin Airport starting on Monday at 8am. There will be a second session at the same location starting at 12pm and then a third session starting at 3pm.

Each testing session is 3 hours in length and to successfully reach Master Craftsman a tech will be require to complete 9 dents in the 3 hours, 3 on an aluminum hood, 3 on a Steel Hood and 3 on a mounted Steel door.

If there is more technicians to certify we may have a second day of certifications on Tuesday October 19th.


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About PDR Testing:

The Vale Automotive Program has been an industry standard for decades. The introduction of our advanced 3D dent measurement methodology established the Vale Certified PDR Technician designation as a recognized credential of excellence.

Why PDR Testing?

The Vale PDR Certification Testing was developed at the request of PDR industry professionals. The testing is a timed evaluation of actual Paintless Dent Repairs on steel and aluminum panels using a state-of-the-art, digital-optic surface measurement device.

The Vale PDR Certification Program is the only PDR Certification endorsed by the National Association of Paintless Dent Repair Technicians or NAPDRT.

Who is PDR Testing?

Leading the PDR Testing and Certification organization is its President Anita Dill, B.S., M.S. a former career Boeing senior test engineer working on the F22 and other strategic military aircraft. Anita also has background in 3D imaging and research sciences.

Ms. Dill is excited about the opportunity of leading the PDR Certification Program testing operations within the United States.

PDR Testing and Certification will perform Vale PDR Certification Program Testing at the company’s new testing location in Oklahoma City. In addition, the company will provide mobile PDR Certification Testing around the country for groups of 4 or more technicians and will participate at both the MTE Orlando and MTE Las Vegas Expos in 2021.

PDR Testing and Certification along with Vale, look forward to making significant progress unifying the PDR Industry with a national and global standard for PDR Technician Certification.

Vale Training with its new ownership, along with its recent signing of PDR Testing and Certification to provide dedicated testing for the PDR Industry has renewed its emphasis in supporting the PDR Industry.

Together the PDR Industry, insurance companies, and the consumer will be able to have confidence in Vale Certified PDR Technicians.



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