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About International PDR Certification Organization:

The International PDR Certification Organization used to be called PDR Testing and Certification, LLC and used to provide all PDR Certifications for Vale Training Solutions PDR Technician Certification Program.

Due to conflicts with Vale Training and it’s parent company Sedgwick, that in our opinion were not interested in the best interest of PDR Technicians we ended our relationship with them.

During our 2-year agreement with Vale Training, we created the new Testing Program, Developed the new Denting Device with a manufacture, and created agreements to begin a benefits program for all Certified PDR Technicians.
Many of the developments were agreed to and or approved by executive management of Vale Training, but were later terminated at the insistence of Sedgwick, even after we committed 10’s of thousands of dollars of the agreement or approval of Vale Training.

We therefore decided to continue the development of an international PDR Certification Program which most Vale Certified PDR Technicians have wanted for many, many, years.

We are currently working on Certification partners in many regions of the world including Australia, New Zealand, Europe, South Africa and Brazil.

Who is IPDRCO?


Leading IPDRCO is its President Anita Dill, B.S., M.S. a former career Boeing senior test engineer working on the F22 and other strategic military aircraft.

Anita also has background in 3D imaging and research sciences.

Ms. Dill is excited about the launching of IPDRCO and dedicating all of her efforts for the professional development of the PDR technicians.

IPDRCO and Certifications will perform at the company’s new testing location in Oklahoma City. In addition, the company will provide mobile PDR Certification Testing around the country for groups of 4 or more technicians and will participate at the MTE Orlando.

At IPDRCO, we look forward to making significant progress unifying the PDR Industry with an International standard for PDR Technician Certification.

We remain enthusiastic to providing dedicated testing for the PDR Industry with a renewed emphasis in supporting the PDR Industry.

Together the PDR Industry, insurance companies, and the consumer will be able to have confidence in IPDRCO Certified PDR Technicians.



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